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According to Oms, we spend almost 90% of our lives in buildings where the air we breathe is twice worse than outside. In addition, recent studies conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Center for Health and the Global Environment and SUNY Upstate Medical University have confirmed that environmental conditions within buildings have a major impact on cognitive functions.

Does this mean that we could get better results at work or at school in an environment built according to the principles Green Buildings?

SGS responded to this question with the draft for School of Cintolese in Monsummano Terme (PT). An ambitious sustainable project designed to create a new concept of education through spaces: an education that takes place not only through words but also through the experiences that a child acquires in the surrounding environment.In fact, the main material chosen for construction is wood with XLAM construction system, with other natural energy-efficient materials. Most of the energy will be produced by a photovoltaic plant, although the classrooms will be illuminated mainly by natural light, an element of primary importance in SGS projects.

The school is also equipped with a combined solar thermal heating system for classrooms and water, and a rainwater collecting system for irrigation of the common garden. To complete the project the garden roofs are designed to conduct the bioclimatic control of the building, and to be a green insertion into the Tuscan landscape.For SGS, the creation of a better world begins with education and respect for nature.

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Tuesday 21st March is a day of a successful event hosted by Milan Archichef Night 2017, the dinner which is held in Italy and Europe, organized by TOWANT, which puts behind the stove five famous architecture studios. SGS participated in the event by proposing ‘Who Searches, Finds’, an intriguing dish that blends tradition and innovation in itself, a metaphor of the design philosophy of the studio. In the SGS recipe the typical Milanese risotto becomes a dessert: a crispy puffed rice is hidden beneath the saffron rice mousse.

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