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Milanese Valentine's Day among SGS projects. A perfect evening that begins with an aperitif toast: La Bottega del Vino, near Sempione Square. It is the celebration of wine and passion, wine that furnishes and warms the environment.

Alternatively, if you want to drink a Spritz, the stop at Refeel is a must! And then, hand in hand, you dive into a distant world: the Argentinean restaurant El Porteño. It fascinates by the warmth and diversity of the halls, characterized by a unique stylistic language, but different by theme, where concrete floors vary from typical local fantasies to wooden floors.

What is a better conclusion for a romantic evening than a cocktail and passionate kiss? In the Living Liqueurs & Delights, you will feel enveloped by the vibrant energy of the rooms between the turquoise tones, the walls decorated with painted woodwork and the large retro seats covered with oriental motifs in silk.

For the evening's ending, we leave you a carte blanche!


La Bottega del Vino

Piazza Lega Lombarda, 1, 20154 Milano, Italia



Viale Sabotino, 20, 20135 Milano, Italia


El Porteño

Viale Gian Galeazzo, 25, 20136 Milano, Italia


Living Liqueurs & Delights

Piazza Sempione, 2, 20154 Milano, Italia


Relaxed atmosphere and pastel colors palette with a golden touch.
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