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In via Frattina, in the heart of Rome’s shopping district, in a building from the mid-1800s the Moreschi brand inaugurates the first monobrand store, completely renovating its image. A new display format, two separate entrances, one for Men and one for Women, that frame the products on display through a dynamic sequence of positive and negative spaces. The sales area is laid out like the path through a museum, skillfully-lit, so the uniqueness of the products emerges out of disarranged order. Central to the sales area is a sinuous, helical stairway leading to the first floor, almost entirely dedicated to the Moreschi outerwear and knitwear collection. The use of luxurious materials, Vratza marble for the floors and glossy lacquered ebony for the furniture, a lacquered finish on the walls and various skillfully integrated light sources lends a comfortable, cocoon-like feel, emphasized by the use of vintage armchairs.

A project in partnership with Attilio Ladina.


The Moreschi Showroom is just steps away from the Moreschi Milan flagship store. The key words for this project were elegance -- which has always been synonymous with the brand -- and linguistic simplicity, expressed through the use of architecture at the service of the object being displayed. The showroom occupies a historic building with amazing views of the city center, filled with natural light; the layout is regular and is comprised of a single room, part of which is used for display and part for offices, all of which blend together as a single unit. The products are displayed on individual floating shelves that seem to come straight out of the walls and, with their random placement, punctuate the walls without ever taking away from the object on display. The use of light shades on the walls, warm coffee-color stoneware tiles on the floor, and the shelves in wood and bronze all combine to maximize the overall effect.

A project in partnership with Attilio Ladina.

The decision was made to restore Villa Rasini Medolago, an 18th century building that had fallen into disrepair, with the intention of turning it into a hotel and site for major events. The project called for renewal of the ground floor and first floor of the main building and refurbishing of adjacent buildings, as well as the creation of an underground auditorium comprised of two halls, measuring 1,500 and 600 square meters, respectively. Rounding out the project was a 1,300 square meter swimming pool in the spacious gardens and areas suitable for cultural and entertainment events. The reception area, hall, reading and meeting rooms occupy the ground floor; the first floor is exclusively for rooms. Some significant elements include a new stairway, strictly symmetrical to the existing stair, for access to the first floor rooms on the south side of the building, and the conservative refurbishing of a completely frescoed room with two-story ceilings. Composition choices were aimed at achieving maximum integration of the front entrance to the underground spaces with the existing architecture and the surrounding environment.

The project - awarded to SGS Architetti and Studio Scagliotti - involved the internal and external renovation of Unicredit's building. The space was transformed into an international centre for assisting clients who seek to do business in Bulgaria. Located in Sofia's historic centre, the first-of-its-kind Unicredit Bulbank International Center came into being through a collaboration of high-level Italian brands in the fields of lighting and furnishings. The entrepreneurial project aims to globalize Italian companies by providing a prestigious location for conducting business in Sofia. A temporary office with the refined feel of your own branch. The restoration of the 1980s building's exterior centred on the use of i-light panels, an innovative cement that lets light enter. The centre is spread over two floors. Careful attention was paid to the lighting design which adds a distinctive touch to every work environment, improving the overall atmosphere. There are multipurpose venues that can be used in various ways, from meeting rooms to event spaces. The reception area is located on the ground floor. On the first floor, meeting rooms are available by reservation with moveable walls for customizing the space. An artistic light design embellishes the entire ceiling. This centre offers far more than merely meeting spaces. UniCredit organizes Business-to-Business networking opportunities, industry-related events, co-marketing initiatives that bring together businesses with UniCredit specialists in consulting, legal and fiscal support for business development, and establishing relationships with local authorities.


The master plan for the health care centre at San Raffaele Hospital includes hospital facility of approximately 45,000 square meters with departments for emergency medicine, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, hemodynamics, radiology and neuroradiology. In addition, an adjacent university and research centre are planned that will cover a total of 48,000 square meters. A hotel spreading over about 97,000 square meters and a spa will be located in the heart of centre, ensuring that visitors feel comfortable and welcome. As an added service, the hospital's ground floor will have both a library and a restaurant. The master plan was created in partnership with the Cordero&Partners studio.

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