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The last edition of Milano Unica successfully launched the ecological slogan "Save the Planet"; in the same vein, the Organic Grunge theme is placed to establish continuity with the previous eco-friendly pursuit and to reaffirm its relevance. The grunge that is rooted in the youth movements of Seattle is not only a way of presenting oneself but above all it is a way of being. It is aesthetics that stems from an ecological awareness and encompasses the philosophy of sustainability by applying it to daily life. The nations considered, Scotland, Turkey and Romania, are united by a strong cultural background tied to rural life and, consequently, to nature and to the outdoors. Starting with each nation's traditional fabrics, a propensity for natural yarns and floral decorations and animals surfaces. This is a creative fusion of propositions that, from the tradition of the past, reaches contemporary production: from the clans of historic Scottish families to the web experiments of the artist Penny Olson, up to the photos of Scottish photographer Rory Donaldson, to reinventing the tartan in a novel way. Not to mention contemporary Balkan folk wool embroideries, combined with the poetic illustrations of the Romanian artist Aitch, with the opulence of Ottoman textiles and decorations to experiment with new yarns. Inspirations are drawn from rural landscapes and reinterpreted forests, from typical farm materials, from classic herbaria, from X-rays of the oldest plants, but also from the modern architecture of the beehive-like buildings of Bucharest.

 Art Direction: Stefano Fadda, Graphics and Video projects: Francesco Palmisano & Caterina Roppo, Video production: Francesco Briganti, Photo shooting: ERDNA CREATIVE


This holiday apartment is situated in a village near Bormio, surrounded by typical alpine landscape. It is composed of two floors, with windows and terraces that face the valley. The spaces of the house are arranged around the two-sided fireplace, the heart of the apartment. On one side there are the kitchen and the dining area, and on another there is the living room. Both spaces have an exit to big terraces. On the same floor a guest room is located. The second floor of the apartment is occupied by two bedrooms with their bathrooms, characterized by zenithal lighting realized by modifying the roof.

The whole project deals with simple natural materials, such as wood and stone, and a few colors.


Photo shooting: ALMA PHOTOS

Milano Unica: Save the Planet is an ecological and visionary slogan that draws attention to the cornerstones of life: Water, Air and Earth.

Milano Unica devotes its exploration into Spring-Summer 2019 trends through creativity applied to the themes of Water, Air and Earth. It does so by juxtaposing these elements with three different personalities: the great French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau who championed, back in the day, ecological battles defending deep-sea flora and fauna; the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev with his ethereal, agile and poetic dance in a space evoking the Northern Lights, and finally the Masai, a nomadic people, proud of their traditions but, above all, inextricably connected to the Earth, mother and origin of all civilization.

Each trend is introduced by a brief emotional and imaginary story that is followed by a more technical description and explanation of the key concepts of that topic. Finally, the descriptive part on colours, materials and accessories follows.


 Art Direction: Stefano Fadda, Graphics and Video projects: Francesco Palmisano & Caterina Roppo, Video production: Francesco Briganti, Photo shooting: ERDNA CREATIVE

design by Attilio Ladina, Luca Alessandro Amendola and Gianluca Geroli

Presented as a prototype at the Salone del Mobile of 2015, Gigi Lamp is presented again in occasion of the 2018 edition, in an updated version: the diffuser is made of aluminum, not polycarbonate as before, in pastel colors ranging from yellow to Tiffany blue up to black. The structure is available both in polished chrome and brass. The light source is dual, oriented upwards and downwards.An object in its essentiality is charming and suggestive. The hourglass shape refers to the archetype of a timeless object and the materials add a contemporary and technological touch thanks to the use of a modulated LED light source. Gigi is not only a lamp, it is also a tribute, a dedication to Gigi Scagliotti, interior designer, partner and, first of all, a friend.


The original brief was to create a fun and inventive hangout at 7th Avenue South in Manhattan where authentic Italian comfort food would be reconstructed into ravioli and other bite-sized dishes served with drink from the Bubbles Bar. In the design we used a teal blue that dominates the space, wood for some architectural elements and a bright marble that we used for the bar and tables. As an accent material we added brushed bronze and fabrics with mid-century geometrical texture.


Photo shooting: Leonardo Ventura



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