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A Scandinavian-style apartment located in a part of the Brera quarter filled with young people. White dominates – from the walls to the fixtures. This minimal mini-loft is spiced with hints of color for a light-filled space that is both dynamic and functional.The completely restored hardwood floors made of massive planks have a bleached oak finish.The bathroom is decorated in the finest Carrara marble. 


Photo shooting: ALMA PHOTOS


Chic and comfortable in Milan. In a historic building located on one of the city’s most elegant residential streets, SGS handled the renovation of this large, luminous apartment.The warmth of the wood finishes and the excellent use of color createa unique atmosphere. Each of the bright rooms is bathed in light due to the large windows and has its own personality. 

Photo shooting: ALMA PHOTOS

The project is part of the refurbishing of an ancient country home that borders the Monza Park. The complete restoration and recovery of the attic allowed for great freedom of choice in the distribution and use of the interior. A brightly-lit hallway on the first floor is the walkway that connects the many bedrooms. The design choice is to leave the exposed beams of the ceiling and to play with the natural light, allowing dialog between the various rooms through windows and skylights. Resin is the dominant theme in the bathrooms – from the floors to the coverings – lending uniformity to the whole and allowing the furnishing elements to stand out. Wood, however, reigns as the flooring of choice in the other rooms.


Urban minimalism in the heart of one Milan’s most beautiful quarters. Stark white blended with soft shades of gray and beige and touches of pastel create an elegant, sophisticated apartment.The interplay of arches and curves result in unexpected angles. Flooring crafted from massive planks with a grey oak finish and a bathroom in gres are the perfect frame for this urban artwork. 

The job involved the joining of two apartments and a redefinition of the space, its functions and circulation. The spacious living room is the dominant element, here natural light from the large, arched windows and overhead light from the new skylights blends perfectly with the artificial light from the deep-set skylight that surrounds the entire living room. The first floor is set aside for the sleep zone, where bedrooms and bath morph into a single space punctuated by the exposed wood beams. A black, oval, cast-iron tub dominates the space and black becomes the common thread in an ongoing interplay of contrasts with the white elements in the room. Different purposes that dialog in a single space is the recurring theme in the entry, too. When necessary, the central counter converts into an island filled with all the comforts of traditional kitchen.


Photo shooting: ALMA PHOTOS

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