The project consists of the renovation of a Japanese restaurant in Milan. The room, of modest size, has a ground floor and a small mezzanine, which were maintained as originally. To make the most of the natural light inside the room, it was chosen to replace the existing window, interrupted by the shutter, with a full-height glass window, improving its lighting. The internal distribution has been redesigned to ensure more seats without sacrificing the comfort of the customer and the worker. All furnishings (except chairs) have been custom-designed and made of black metal and American walnut wood. The choice to combine industrial materials with natural ones such as wood and “Ceppo di Grè” stone (used in wall coverings and floors) generates a modern and welcoming atmosphere in balance between contemporary Western and Eastern taste.

The lighting is minimal and elegant, it is composed of oriented spotlights and allows to decline the environment to different atmospheres.



Furnishing and accessories:  STANDGREEN   


Finishes: MARAZZI


Photo shoot: ALMA PHOTOS