The XXIX edition of Milano Unica Autumn-Winter 2020-21 develops around the theme of Eroticism as a reflection on the drive, ever stronger in the contemporary culture, to show itself and please others.

Furthermore, this season has been to emphasize a theme carried out by Milano Unica for several seasons and definitively entered in the concepts of trends, in the realization of materials, both textiles and accessories: The Sustainability.

The fusion of these two concepts has led to ECOROTICA, characterized by futuristic, dark and lustful atmospheres but also ironic and surreal in which avatars, clones and humanoids express their perfect and sexy aesthetic.

Three stages have been created: one dramatic, one surreal and another supernatural called respectively Ecorotic Drama, Ecorotic Circus and Ecorotic Eden.

The first comes from the idea of life as a theatrical representation and translates into a luxurious but fictitious domestic environment consisting of quintets, furnishings and accessories made of cardboard on which fine fabrics and accessories are displayed.

Ecorotic Circus, a metaphor for an extreme life, is a provocative explosion of color and irony in which the striped textures of fabrics expand to become large festoons that invade and animate the space, along with large circus drums transformed into exhibition tables.

Paradise is the theme of the third exhibition area, but not the angelic one of the Botticellian iconography: in Ecorotic Eden the power and beauty of nature are revealed through tangles of roots and carnivorous flowers hanging from the ceiling in a suspended atmosphere made of lights, shadows, fog and sudden flares that accompany the visitor inside a forest of irregular logs.



Exhibition design: SGS Architetti Associati 

Exhibition equipment: Benfenati S.p.a.


Art Direction: Stefano Fadda 

Graphic and Video design: Francesco Palmisano, Caterina Roppo, Ubaldo Leporale

Lighting and video: D&D


Photo shoot: ERDNA Creative