BEST ITALIAN EXHIBITION DESIGN SELECTION 2019 | Platform Architecture & Design | Publicomm

"2080 Cous Cous Rap", "2070 Funky Tabbouleh" and "2050 Bon Bon Jazz" are the three themes of the refined musical menu for Spring-Summer 2020.

The dates: 2080, 2070 and 2050 represent the projection in the future and a mention to the past of the 80s, 70s and 50s whose echoes are heard in the notes of Rap, Funky and Jazz.

Music is the starting point that dictates the creative and visionary line of the exhibition areas.

The speakers of the music boxes are reinterpreted as shells under which to gather in a stroboscopic atmosphere characteristic of the American Funk; while the underground style and the street become the perfect setting from which to draw references like the scaffolding and colored bins that make up the Rap installation.

The sweet notes of the Jazz are translated into a sky of light balloons floating on the viewer as soon as they come out of the saxophones and trumpets of African-American musicians.

Milan Unica Music Menu ventures cross-cutting fusions between food, music, past and future, recreating a unique layered history, icons, worlds, to offer precise aesthetic directions in terms of colors, fabrics, accessories, details, styles and fashion.


Exhibition design: SGS Architetti Associati 

Exhibition equipment: Benfenati S.p.a.


Art Direction: Stefano Fadda 

Graphic and Video design: Francesco Palmisano, Caterina Roppo, Ubaldo Leporale

Lighting and video: D&D


Photo shoot: ERDNA Creative

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