2080 Cous Cous Rap”, “2070 Funky Tabbouleh” and “2050 Bon Bon Jazz” are the three themes of the refined musical menu of Milano Unica for Spring/Summer 2020.

Milano Unica MUSIC MENU is a symbolic juxtaposition of musical genres and food capable of evoking the highly creative sensations of touch, smell, hearing and taste. Together, rhythm and flavours merge to create new kinds of entertainment and new aesthetic trends perfected for futurist parties and delightful evenings set in imaginary cities of the future, during the most cheerful season of the year.The dates: 2080, 2070 and 2050 represent, on the one hand, a projection into the not too distant future while, on the other hand, they hark back to the past of the 1980s, 1970s and 1950s, whose echoes resonate in the musical notes of rap, funk and jazz, respectively.In fact, music is our starting point dictating the creative and visionary line that transports our imaginations to worlds, styles and cultures that have left their mark on the history of international fashion but that are still able to suggest new stylistic experimentation.At the same time, food is one of the main contemporary aesthetic experiences: we eat with our eyes, satiating our senses even before having actually engaged them, envisioning its flavour and substance from preparation of a dish. So let us imagine moving into the future, three eras away from aesthetic iconography and let us speculate on how the 1970s reinterpreted after one hundred years, or even the 1950s just as the 1980s, would be.We have asked ourselves how the need for change and revolution would be felt in the street of a city in the year 2080? Who would be the protagonists? What delicacies would clubs offer in 2070? What icons would there be? What would we wear? Along with worldly pleasures in the year 2050, what would it take to delight the palate and what music would light up the atmosphere?From these considerations, the trends for Milano Unica MUSIC MENU were conceived and take chances on transversally blending food, music, past and future, to recreate a sole stratified existing exemplar of history, icons and worlds providing precise aesthetic directions in terms of colours, fabrics, accessories, details, styles and fashion.Let us not forget an important priority: sustainability. A cultural battle, as well as an industrial and manufacturing one, carried out by Milano Unica for the past few seasons and which has definitively become part of concepts of trends as well achievements with materials, both textile and accessories.



 Art Direction: Stefano Fadda, Architectural Projects: SGS Architetti Associati Graphics & Video: Francesco Palmisano & Caterina Roppo, Video Production: Ubaldo Leporale, Photo Shooting: ERDNA Creative