The last edition of Milano Unica successfully launched the ecological slogan "Save the Planet"; in the same vein, the Organic Grunge theme is placed to establish continuity with the previous eco-friendly pursuit and to reaffirm its relevance. The grunge that is rooted in the youth movements of Seattle is not only a way of presenting oneself but above all it is a way of being. It is aesthetics that stems from an ecological awareness and encompasses the philosophy of sustainability by applying it to daily life. The nations considered, Scotland, Turkey and Romania, are united by a strong cultural background tied to rural life and, consequently, to nature and to the outdoors. Starting with each nation's traditional fabrics, a propensity for natural yarns and floral decorations and animals surfaces. This is a creative fusion of propositions that, from the tradition of the past, reaches contemporary production: from the clans of historic Scottish families to the web experiments of the artist Penny Olson, up to the photos of Scottish photographer Rory Donaldson, to reinventing the tartan in a novel way. Not to mention contemporary Balkan folk wool embroideries, combined with the poetic illustrations of the Romanian artist Aitch, with the opulence of Ottoman textiles and decorations to experiment with new yarns. Inspirations are drawn from rural landscapes and reinterpreted forests, from typical farm materials, from classic herbaria, from X-rays of the oldest plants, but also from the modern architecture of the beehive-like buildings of Bucharest.

 Art Direction: Stefano Fadda, Graphics and Video projects: Francesco Palmisano & Caterina Roppo, Video production: Francesco Briganti, Photo shooting: ERDNA CREATIVE