Milano Unica: Save the Planet is an ecological and visionary slogan that draws attention to the cornerstones of life: Water, Air and Earth.

Milano Unica devotes its exploration into Spring-Summer 2019 trends through creativity applied to the themes of Water, Air and Earth. It does so by juxtaposing these elements with three different personalities: the great French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau who championed, back in the day, ecological battles defending deep-sea flora and fauna; the Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev with his ethereal, agile and poetic dance in a space evoking the Northern Lights, and finally the Masai, a nomadic people, proud of their traditions but, above all, inextricably connected to the Earth, mother and origin of all civilization.

Each trend is introduced by a brief emotional and imaginary story that is followed by a more technical description and explanation of the key concepts of that topic. Finally, the descriptive part on colours, materials and accessories follows.


 Art Direction: Stefano Fadda, Graphics and Video projects: Francesco Palmisano & Caterina Roppo, Video production: Francesco Briganti, Photo shooting: ERDNA CREATIVE