The concept proposed for the new stores focuses on the user, pursuing the goal of creating a meeting place, a reading place, a place where to work and interact, via the web or directly with other Mondadori customers, caching and bringing to the present the spirit of the architect Oscar Niemeyer's project that gave rise to the prestigious Mondadori headquarters of Segrate.

The library is no longer a transit space for the purchase of books but also a place for rest and comparison, memory and research, relaxation and commitment, an area that is a reference for those who want to share the Mondadori philosophy and not just buy a book.

The central objects of this space are the tables and the bookshelves which are inspired from reinterpreting and transposing the Mondadori headquarters project prospect, by playing the rhythm of the project and transforming the structure of reinforced concrete into light oak wood.

To integrate the project and give dynamism and sociality to the Mondadori stores, a bar has been added, where you can read and at the same time have a drink at the table. Light and vegetation complete the project of contemporary space related to its origins.