The pleasure of a journey, the dream of bringing together people of different cultures, the game of connecting past and present, these are the pillars on which Milano Unica has based its research on the trends for the next spring-summer 2018 season. Three macro themes have emerged, the result of a combination between a historical character and a true, yet idealized place, both for its glorious past and for its relevance in the collective imagination.


NEFERTITI IN IBIZA - The legendary queen of Egypt has been imagined while strolling around the shopping streets in Ibiza, where models, actresses, pop singers and international celebs parade in a glowing dimension of party-making and freedom of expression. The amethyst purple, the green shades and red hues of ancient Egyptian paintings, the feathers, the floral decorations, the symbols of the sun and the moon can be traced in the kaftans, in the prints and in the furniture of the homes in Ibiza. The binding link between Nefertiti and Ibiza is the love for a sunny and motherly spirituality.


KAZIMIR MALEVICH IN SORRENTO - The Russian artist was transported to the South, in the warm atmosphere of the Campania region: the square and round silhouettes, the vanishing points, the white spaces in contrast with Malevich’s yellow ones are those of the 3D geometric pattern tiles, the Sorrento majolicaware and flowers, the privileged destination for writers, poets and philosophers like Nietzsche, Goethe and Dickens. Here, the Sorrento majolicaware, lace, tatting and small fishing dories recall a tradition of craftsmanship and direct contact with nature. In fact, it was this ubiquitous expression of creativity that attracted people from all over the world, making Sorrento - from the ‘50s to date - a key destination for the most cultured and refined international jet setters.


CARLO MOLLINO IN TEHRAN - The architect from Turin flies to Persia to follow the traces of Iranian culture and Tehran, that has been transformed into a sort of earthly paradise with heavenly plants and palaces filled with mosaics and celestial representations, where the shah was used to host parties and entertain international celebrities - from Walt Disney to Indira Gandhi - thus contributing to creating a closed circuit between the Eastern and the Western world, which has always resulted in an enrichment of the world's greatest civilizations and, thus, becoming a source of inspiration for any form of creativity.  In this theme, the rose windows of the Persian churches create a dialogue with the precious decorations of Mollino’s furniture, the organic shapes so much beloved by the architect recall the nature-inspired patterns of Persian carpets and, also, of the seductive royal atmospheres of Turin and of the shah's court.


 Art Direction: Stefano Fadda, Graphics and Video projects: Francesco Palmisano & Caterina Roppo, Video production: Francesco Briganti, Photo shooting: ERDNA CREATIVE