The task was the construction of a new building to be used as a kindergarten and primary school with infrastructure and services. The existing school and kindergarten are divided and located in several locations. The positioning of the new school aims to improve the area for all the citizens. The new facilities can be used not only as a school during the school hours but also as an entertainment and cultural centre which serves the whole village of Cintolese. The new school relates to an education that takes place not only through classical studies but also through the experiences that the child acquires in the surrounding environment. For this reason the space is thought rich and stimulating both on the level of volumes with contrasts of full and empty, and of internal organization.The school is single floor and is composed of five sections of kindergarten and fifteen classes of primary school. The building consists of two types of volumes: one is set of blocks with educational activities, services and facilities, another one is a transparent link which unites the whole school and functions as an internal public space.