The starting point of our project is the concept and vision of Camomilla as a brand that is looking in the future but has traditional roots. We took the direction towards the generation of millennials (people in the age of 15-35) who now are becoming the main buying force in the world.  In our design we offer the use of different kind of materials that represent the concept. Travertine represents classical, chic and elegant side of the brand, while copper is more modern and refers to the young and urban side of Camomilla. The lines of copper repeated in different ways in the interior give the interior contemporary feeling. We used soft warm colours to give a comfy look to the interior. Millennials are targeted also on the marketing level. We propose the activities that provide the personal experience and relationship with the brand. Shop offers a creation of a personal style: store stylists get the customers dressed up, give advises about how clothes should fit and take pictures in the neighbourhood or in the shop on customer’s phone so she can immediately upload new look on social media. Another activity that allows the brand to have an interactive relation with the customer is a virtual dressing room. With this technology, customers can try all the clothes they want. With an infinite variety of combinations available in a virtual dressing room, it is possible to pick the look and shop it immediately or share it in social networks. These solutions allow the shopper to create a 3D version of him/her using information taken from scanning devices. Clothes are then displayed on the big touch screen mirror, where the customer can personalise the model by selecting different items and colours.