The relationship between man and the land: the project proposes a clear network that would connect the historic center and adjacent areas considered important for the growth of the city’s center. An expanded, cohesive village would improve the social and cultural life as well as provide tourism benefits. The proposal focuses on creating multipurpose public spaces that promote social interaction. This would require addressing the road system, creating bike paths, tackling integration projects and implementing new designs for green spaces. Playgrounds, sporting facilities and public spaces would also be constructed. The reconversion of these spaces would instantly create a well-defined network while maintaining the significant differences in the respective zones’ design and use.Nature emerges as the defining element of the biking and walking path. Its colours and glory vary, allowing those travelling along the route to never tire of the mountains’ beauty and seasonal changes. Sculptures representing the valley’s native animals complete this postcard-perfect path. The artwork celebrates the area’s fauna, the finishing touch for a true nature trail. Interpretive signs about the animals and nature are key to the path’s success. The various zones will be linked through the pavement and street furniture. The interplay of light and dark colors will accentuate those places where people will stop, gather and meet.