A space for getting a scrumptious bite to eat and drink while enjoying one of the area’s best views. Savory cuisine will be served in a chic environment that enhances a Milan landmark. The space will be adapted to meet the typical needs of both a dining establishment and a cultural gathering spot, maintaining a consistency and a compatibility with the project’s overall context. The concept behind the space’s design will be “innovative tastings,” namely theme evenings and wine and food tastings. A classy environment that will offer clients a range of options around the clock: breakfast, lunch, happy hour and evening get-togethers during which a range of quality products will be spotlighted. Particular emphasis will be placed on creating a space that is both comfortable and environmentally friendly. In fact, the full-length windows will be protected by sliding shutters made of wood laths set in a metallic frame. These “brise soleil,” as called in French, will shield the interior from the sun, which will keep the space at the perfect temperature and reduce energy costs. The counter will feature a series of separated refrigerated compartments. This will allow products to be divided according to category to avoid any risk of cross-contamination, which is particularly applicable for special menu items created for those who suffer from food allergies. The proposed triangular-shaped tables will pay homage to the “tramezzini,” the famous, triangular Italian sandwiches from which this establishment will take its name. The tables also will be well suited for a flexible, dynamic seating plan. Different configurations can be created for various sized groups and the particular time of day. A single table will be ideal for one person; two tables can be combined to seat two comfortably; multiple single tables can be put together to create a gigantic dining table that encourages socializing. The simple, geometrically shaped outdoor furnishings will add a natural touch to the overall project. Tables and chairs will dot lush, green zones, creating a relaxing environment for clients seeking to fully enjoy the Darsena, Milan’s recently revitalized ancient port.