Contemporary Dummy is a project devised by the creative flair of SGS Architetti Associati and by the skill in working the material of Vetreria Re. Luca Amendola and Gianluca Geroli, who have always had as their distinctive trait the contamination between fashion and design, and Dario Re, the owner of the namesake company, in business for over thirty years, have joined forces to give life to an idea which, more than a project has become a work of art. A life-size Dummy, Contemporary Dummy, in which are expressed a whole range of different production methods and types, of which the Vetreria Re is skilful interpreter, and the taste of the Studio SGS Architetti. The purity, aesthetic rigour and transparency of glass are exalted by the different decorations, including distinctive, such as the full-body tattoo. Contrasting materials – glass and polished aluminium for the joints. An object that comes to life, wearing clothes and accessories full of character. A yin yang in constant equilibrium out of which a modern hero is born, the vital centre of whom is highlighted by a red colour. The Dummy is made of 8 mm thick extra-clear glass; the single pieces have been cut with a waterjet machine on the basis of a dxf graphic file. After being water cut the single elements were hand-polished to obtain a ground but not sharp rib with a pleasant appearance. To give the dummy a three-dimensional effect, each shaped element (arm – leg – torso – head) was glued using special Uv glues. The glazed elements were assembled by means of 10 mm thick polished aluminium pads of different diameter which simulate the individual joints and give the object stability. For the tattoos, the sanding technique was used followed by decoration. Aesthetic research and a quest for stability in an object with a total weight of 30 kg – 25 of which glass and 5 steel/wood.