VIVIMILANO AWARDS – FOOD & DRINK 2017 | Category: Ristoranti dal mondo | Special Prize: Ambiente scenografico

To translate the sensations of a distant country into architecture was the design challenge for this restaurant that brings a piece of Argentina to the heart of Milan. Hub of the elongated and irregularly-shaped floor plan is the kitchen: spacious, modern, streamlined, completely open to view, around which a series of interconnected rooms unfolds. In all different sizes – from the small, intimate private room, to the spacious main room, the wine cellar (also open to view), and the bar nestled in a corner, that is the last of the rooms on this virtual tour. Different rooms but with just one voice, because here everything speaks of Argentina, starting with the floor tiles, the designs typical of the former Spanish colonies, and on to the furnishings – the time-worn sideboard, the chairs, the refrigerator in the bar, the entrance door, the tall shutters that shade the ceiling-high windows, all the pieces restored and delivered from across the ocean. Bringing with them a warm, familiar atmosphere.


Photo shooting: ALMA PHOTOS