Each project is innovative, never repetitive. Truly, for SGS, the client's wishes command, architecture that's tailor made like a haute couture gown. A single feature links all these projects: the sophisticated use of light. A fundamental element because everything begins with the light.



In 2007, with more than a decade each in different design areas, Luca Alessandro Amendola and Gianluca Geroli founded SGS Architetti Associati in Milan. Two entirely different backgrounds – one, for Luca Amendola, more oriented toward industrial design and creating spaces for the fashion industry; the other, for Gianluca Geroli, more toward urban design and architecture applied to Management - join forces to create something that is not the sum of its parts, but something unique, built upon ongoing, shared influences. An approach that allows each partner to maintain his own identity and individuality while still contributing something new to the joint creative process. A mixed bag of projects in a diverse range of sectors. Some formal, like the UniCredit Bulbank headquarters in Sofia (Bulgaria) or the Moreschi shops (37 since 2009, including one opening soon in Florence), others more glamorous, like clubs and restaurants. Not just in Italy, but also abroad, like the most recent Mulino a Vino in New York, home to the culinary creations of renowned Michelin two-star chef, Davide Scabin. But also homes, special projects, exhibit spaces and installations. And, given the growing demand, the firm is once again getting involved in product design, outlining the contours of products that are then put into mass production, like the recent “Gigi” lamp, created for the Moreschi showroom and now manufactured by Status. An international vision might well be the other distinctive cornerstone behind the founding of SGS Architetti Associati: the constant influence of cultures and styles, sometimes barely hinted at and at other times openly declared. Non-stop research, a quest not only in terms of style but also for materials and solutions for an architecture of places, night clubs, buildings, homes that are never obvious, but finely-crafted in every detail. Projects that celebrate innovation and never repeat themselves because, for SGS Architetti, architecture really is about the customer, tailored to fit like a high-fashion garment. But they all do have one trait in common: skillful use of light. A core element, the creativity of lighting designers, because everything else has its source in light.



Born in Monza in 1970, he receives his degree in 1999, in Milan. Since 1990 he has dedicated himself to creating design objects and accessories for various fashion houses. In 1992 he wins a scholarship to the ENSCI LES ATELIERS School of design in Paris where he delves deep into the planning of design objects -- from the study of prototyping to creation of the finished product. Since 1995 he has worked with professional studios in the creation of trade show stands and small-scale architecture, shops and private homes. He served as the subject expert for the product strategy course at the Milan Polytechnic University and as a teaching fellow at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan for the Fashion Retail Management course. In 1999 he opens “Studionovantanove” an architectural firm, free-lancing with two other architects, Oddone and Zocchi. In 2007 he closes Studio99 and opens SGS Architetti Associati.


Graduates from the Milan Polytechnic in 1997 following a technology-based course of study at the university, integrating it with work and research jobs at several architectural firms in Milan. He goes out on his own and in 2000 opens the Geroli architectural firm, editing urban-scale design projects, finalizing the urban recovery of industrial areas and the expansion of hotel and residential complexes. In 2007 he opens SGS Architetti Associati. In December of 2013 he receives a certificate of participation in the “Architecture and Management Workshop" organized by the "SDA Bocconi University School of Management”. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Centro Studi Grande Milano.


SGS Architetti Associati boasts a team of young talents who work alongside the senior partners at every stage of development, from design to implementation. It is also supported by “experienced” staff who have grown up with SGS and form the founding core of the firm in terms of expertise and professionalism.